Novel Number Six

My sixth novel “Freasdal” has just been accepted for publication by Acair Publishing. Subtitled “A Life Of Coinneach Odhar”, this one will be a new departure for me: a historical novel set in the seventeenth century. Freasdal is based on the semi-legendary life of the Highland Gaelic prophet Coinneach Odhar, also known as The Brahan Seer, and claimed by many as “Scotland’s Nostradamus”. His predictions were in many respects a lot clearer than those of Nostradamus and their apparent fulfilment more difficult to dismiss. Being Scotland of course, few people out there in the world have heard of him, while Nostradamus trips off the tongue. Well, I hope to change some of that, and if anyone out there is looking for a film plot… I promise you this book would make excellent source material.
The picture on the right is of a painting called ‘The Outsider’ by my brother Ally Thompson, which I have long associated with the concept of this book, although of course the eventual choice of cover will have to be the result of the normal demographic deliberations. The publication date of “Freasdal” is currently projected as late 2013/early 2014… just in time for the vote on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. Now there’s a thought… did Coinneach leave any predictions regarding that I wonder….?

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