My Five Novels

Well, it’s been an interesting end to an interesting week. The first copies of my fourth and fifth novels arrived through the post, seen at the right hand side of that formidable battle formation of books pictured above. The fourth, is called “Mechagnosis” and is published by Dog Horn Publishing. The fifth, called “Entanglement” is available now as an e-book from Elsewhen Press and will be available in paperback too from 3rd November.

A limited number of paperback copies of both books will be on sale at the Eibonvale Press stall in the Dealer’s Room at Fantasycon 2012 in Brighton from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th September. I’ll be there too, although not usually for sale (but I can sometimes be persuaded to read out loud in public!).

Mechagnosis is about a man who builds a time-machine inside his own house (or is it all a metaphor? -you decide), and Entanglement is about a future where teleportation technology enables mankind to make contact with numerous alien species (or are they all metaphors for ourselves? -you decide again). They are both easy to read, but unlimited in their implications. Think of them as dream-augmentation software. Plug ’em into your head and think differently for a few days. Walk a mile in another man’s shoes, as some old Bhuddist once said, and judging by the state of my shoes these days there’s an awful lot of you have been having a go of them while I’ve been asleep… ouch, I want my sole back.

Meanwhile, my seventh 1000-word “Postcard From The Future” has gone up on the Elsewhen Press Blog, and D F Lewis has reviewed my short story “Dogbot” (which appeared in Theaker’s Quarterly 41) and publicly declared himself a fan of Douglas Thompson. Way to go, Des. Good on ye, mate. I want to encourage this sort of thing among my fellow mortals. I promise not to become a deranged egotistic iconoclast and lead you all to a loony bin. You can make your own way there just fine.

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