Neil Dallas Brown: a new website

As you can see from the comments on my blog entry of June last year, I was contacted at the end of last week by someone very close to the late Neil Dallas Brown, who has now created a superb website ( See here) for his work and life. No longer need I scrape around scanning old press releases and private view invites to find images of his paintings. This really is one of the very best things about the web and this electronic age: the democratic prospect of being able to build appreciation of an artist or writer’s work through dissemination of information.

Next step, as I’ve said before: let’s keep campaigning for a major retrospective exhibition of Neil Dallas Brown’s work, together with a serious monograph and biography. Scotland is far too good at neglecting the talents of its own sons and daughters until it is too late.

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3 Responses to Neil Dallas Brown: a new website

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  2. Hello I have just come across your blog and very interested to read your thoughts and praise of the late, lovely Neil Dallas Brown. I was a student of his at GSA and have three of his works. I will happily post you photos of these images- and yes I am all for his work being praised much higher than it was ever done in his lifetime.
    Please get in touch.
    Wonderful blog by the way.

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