Three new reviews…

Reading reviews of your work is never less than fascinating (although occasionally distressing!) and Charles Packer’s reviews over at the Sci Fi Online website are always more fascinating than most. He’s just given my third novel “Apoidea” a generous 8-out-of-10 marking and posted a review that has some perceptive things to say about it, noting how both Gert and Del may actually be deluding themselves that they have control over the robot bees. Gert’s subconscious is in control I’d say, but hey what do I know, I’m only the author. Once you write a book it’s over to everyone else to have fun deciding these things. Charles concludes: “Thompson has created an intelligent speculative novel which provides an ecological thriller as a base upon which to discuss both the nature of power and its corrupting influence and the nature and meaning of freedom. Thompson balances the various requirements of the book well… If you like your speculative fiction/science fiction to provide good entertainment as well as providing food for thought then you could do worse than check out Apoidea.” Cheers, Charles.

Meanwhile over at the Mass Movement Magazine website, Ian Pickens also has some interesting insights about “Apoidea”, concluding: “…Thompson has an intriguing style of writing, Spartan and yet able to evoke strong images, an author to watch in the future.” Spartan? I think I like that. First time I’ve been accused of economy I think, but I do believe that authors should convey their messages with the absolute minimum of words and never indulge or impose upon the reader’s time and good will too much.

Finally, my surreal short story “The Sleep Corporation” has been mentioned in a review of the magazine in which it appeared recently: Sein Und Werden issue #8.2. Kate Onyett writing at the Future Fire website, says of the story: “Douglas Thompson’s ‘The Sleep Corporation’, while full of delirious imagery, is a policeman’s battle with inner demons, facing up to the realisation he is the very thing he hunts; the baddie, the killer.” and goes on to praise the entire issue as full of strong stories.

Good to know someone is reading the stuff. Thanks to all concerned and please do check out all their websites to support these guys and the good work they do in reviewing indepdendent press fiction.

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