Sein Und Werden: “Sur-Noir” issue.

I’m impressed. Rachel Kendall, the high priestess presiding over the cult mag Sein Und Werden has typed up the entire latest issue (guest edited by Marc Lowe) on an old fashioned antique typewriter thingy in order to capture the correct grungey ethos for this issue’s theme: “Sur-Noir”, an exotic blend of Noir crime writing and the Surreal. Look, as you can see in my photo of it, she has even filled out a USA State Attorney’s Probable Cause of Crime Affidavit form for the contents list. Dedication or what? This issue includes what is probably one of the most surreal stories I have ever written, called “The Sleep Corporation”, about a police detective who finds himself invited to a very strange party in the middle of the night… Go on order yourself up a copy, it only costs a recession-busting £2.50 right now.

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