“BOOK” -Anthology from Inkermen Press

A short story of mine entitled “Eleanor” has just come out in a very interesting new anthology from Inkermen Press. The cover is surely the most cryptic I have ever seen (gloss black blank with only the word BOOK and the press name, written in the faintest outline), but I have grown to like it. Reading all the stories in it helps you to grasp why. With very little of a brief from the editor, a lot of the writers, myself included, seem to have gravitated around a scenario of an obscure book found in an old second-hand bookshop, which slowly reveals some vaguely uncanny properties.
As with Eibonvale’s “Where Are We Going” anthology last month, it’s a lot of fun seeing how each different writer has taken things in their own unique direction. There’s also quite a lot of pretty experimental stuff in this antho as well as the more traditional, making for a very satisfying whole.
It’s very hard, even impolite I suppose, to review a book you are in yourself, but just to give you a flavour I’ll mention three of my top favourite stories in this collection: “Bed Of Crimson Joy” by Nick Mazonowicz, about a woman obsessed with a rare William Blake book, “A Harvest Of Abandon” by Dan Watt, about a retired widower transforming into a kind of living book, and “How They Met Themselves” by Peter Holman, about a deranged historian pursuing the story of two non-existent booksellers and sending up the whole world of rare book-collecting mania in the process. A lot of other great stories too, just too many to mention. A fun read, from a very interesting independent press with their own unique ethos. Recommended.

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One Response to “BOOK” -Anthology from Inkermen Press

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for your comments. Getting my first short story published was an achievement enough, but it’s always nice to hear praise from people I’ve never met.

    ‘Book’ indeed was an excellent collection all round; I thought everything was of a high standard all round.

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