Dreamcatcher Magazine Issue 25

Having found myself so unexpectedly embraced by the Sci Fi*/Horror community over the last few years (* or “Speculative Fiction”, if you’re Margaret Atwood), it’s nice to be reminded now and again of where I started out… in the tough world of mainstream literary fiction. After unfortunate delays and financial problems, the excellent York-based poetry and prose magazine Dreamcatcher is now back on track with a fine 25th “silver anniversary” issue, just out in the shops. Interesting cover art, from Edinburgh-based Australian artist Kym Needle. My short story “Beautiful Dreamer” appears in this edition, which has since also been published as Chapter 6 of my 2nd novel “Sylvow“. Those who have lost loved ones, particularly a parent, may find comfort in the experiences which I describe as the basis for this story. Looking back over previous editions of Dreamcatcher, some pretty impressive names have found their way in there, and a healthy international dimension has developed. I hope Dreamcatcher goes from strength to strength under the stewardship of its exceptional editor Paul Sutherland and new publisher Stairwell Books.

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