Fifth book “Entanglement” finds publisher.

I’ve just signed a contract with Elsewhen Press for the publication of my fifth novel “Entanglement”. E-book release is scheduled for late summer this year, with trade paperback a few months after that. Simultaneously a novel and short story collection, here is a preliminary taster/blurb for Entanglement’s concept:

24 chapters, 24 worlds. In the year 2180, travel to neighbouring star systems has been mastered by the use of quantum teleportation, “entanglement” of sub-atomic matter. Astronauts remain on Earth while sending duplicate “semblances” of themselves out to explore the surface of distant worlds deemed likely to harbour intelligent life.

What humanity discovers there is both surprising and disturbing, enlightening and shocking. Each new alternative to mankind that they find, sheds light on human shortcomings and potential, and offers fresh perspectives on life on Earth. The assumptions inherent in our perception of such apparent constants as death, birth, sex and conflict, are shaken to their very core.

Elsewhen are an interesting newcomer to the Independent Press field, and I’m proud to be in at the start with them and looking forward to seeing how their fresh approach might help break the mould (or should that be mold?) of contemporary Science Fiction.

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