Sein Und Werden… Futurism issue.

The latest issue of Sein Und Werden is just out, featuring (in the print version only) my short story “In Time Like Glass” which is also chapter 3 of my forthcoming novel/collection Entanglement as mentioned in one of my previous posts here. Sein Und Werden comes out simultaneously as both web-zine and paper print versions, with slightly different content in each, the shorter pieces being better for online reading. You can read the online issue of the magazine here, and order the paper version here.
My story is about the possibility of instantaneous space travel and whether memory makes people happy or sad by and large. It takes its title from an old poem by W.J.Turner, which I shall quote in full here for the record:


In time like glass the stars are set,
And seeming-fluttering butterflies
Are fixéd fast in Time’s glass net
With mountains and with maids’ bright eyes.

Above the cold Cordilleras hung
The wingéd eagle and the Moon :
The gold, snow-throated orchid sprung
From gloom where peers the dark baboon:

The Himalayas’ white, rapt brows;
The jewel-eyed bear that threads their caves;
The lush plains’ lowing herds of cows;
That Shadow entering human graves :

All these like stars in Time are set,
They vanish but can never pass;
The Sun that with them fades is yet
Fast-fixed as they in Time like glass.

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