Wordland & D F Lewis…

The Exaggerated Press have just released the first edition of their new online magazine “Wordland“, featuring various short stories and poems on the theme of “Twilight”, including my story “Betty Saw Bugs“… a nasty little moral tale that will wipe the smile off your trousers. Don’t read it unless you’re over 14 and accompanied by a priest.
Meanwhile, the veteran “weirdmonger” writer D. F. Lewis has done one of his “realtime reviews” of the latest copy of Theaker’s Quarterly (see my previous post), in which he has some interesting things to say about my Entanglement story “Escaladore”. Des writes:

“An intensely poignant story: a telling interchange between humans and aliens on alien ground… In its light, or in its “language of light“? For me, this story is reminiscent of James Tiptree Jr. From Lord Tennyson, to transformative creatures… A City of Stairs without the philosophical possibility of a human “breach of protocol”… A meaningful, mind-stretching experience…”

I read D. F. Lewis’s novel “Nemonymous Night” recently and found it to be a work of true contemporary surrealism, and those are rarer than you think. A work of exquisite madness. Here’s the cover and a link:

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