Theaker’s Quarterly #39 out now…

Theaker’s Quarterly Magazine Issue Number 39 is out now, featuring my short story “Escaladore”. You can download the free PDF or ebook: here.
This story also forms Chapter 11 of a 24 chapter book I have just completed, called “Entanglement”. Entanglement considers the bizarre possibility, made logical by the strange properties of sub-atomic particles, that human beings might one day be able to “dupliport” themselves to distant star systems in the search for other intelligent life. In such a scenario, a person would be copied exactly and their original on Earth would remain here while their “copy” explored the alien world. Of course, as usual, it’s the symbolic and philosophical questions that such exploration would raise, that I am chiefly interested in. Each found world is in a sense a parody or revealing mirror of our own, from which a fresh picture of the human condition can be progressively gleaned. “Escaladore” is a world of stairs and doorways where birth is casual and death is only part of a continuous cycle. Is murder still a sin in such a world?
If that makes your head hurt, then go grab a beer. It’s Hogmany for goodness sake. Happy New Year and all the best for 2012, dear everyone…

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