First review of Apoidea

Waiting for the first review of a new book to come in is one of those things that makes every writer nervous as a kitten. Fortunately Ros Jackson of Warpcore SF has given Apoidea a very decent 4 out 5 stars and found much to praise in the book. You can read her review in full here: but here is an extract:

“Although it’s fast-paced and exciting, this novel is more highbrow than your average near-future science fiction thriller…

…The story takes us through the territory of Mexican drug gangs and hideouts as characters have to evade all-seeing satellites and the long reach of FBI spooks. Some of the technological ideas hint at an apocalypse of malevolent, self-aware bots small enough to get in through tiny vents and with the means to reach almost anyone. That threat is ever-present. However Douglas Thompson resists going the full Skynet, and instead gives us something much more interesting. Gert’s journey becomes a search for redemption and freedom, and on the way he considers the parallels between his life and history, as well as looking at myths, gods, and seasonal rebirth. The human race is likened to a great hive, although whether it’s a healthy one or one in need of purging is left to readers to decide. Apoidea is full of fresh viewpoints encompassing politics, literature, high technology and ancient cultures…

…I found Apoidea thought-provoking in the way only the best science fiction can be.”

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