Ron Sandford portrait of DT

Anyone who thinks I’m vain for posting this, will change their mind when they see the portrait. Just look at the beer belly on that fat bastard. Published in the latest copy of Ambit Magazine (No.206), it’s a very good drawing by a very good artist, Shetland-based Ron Sanford who drew this likeness of me at the CCA in Glasgow back in January this year, as described in this previous post. Over the years, Ron has drawn many of the various poets, writers and artists associated with Ambit Magazine, since its inception in 1959, so it’s an honour to join such a gallery, of which I’m not sure I feel worthy. Being drawn by Ron was an extraordinary experience (he asked me to contemplate Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Art School building out the window while he drew), keeping so still while he asked me questions in a way that seemed to subtly unravel my layers. He is a man of penetrating intelligence with many a good tale to tell, having met the likes of Norman Foster in his long and illustrious career. His website only shows a fraction of this.

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