Midnight Street Magazine #16

Midnight Street Magazine Issue No.16 is out now, and available for free dowload in PDF format. This issue includes a particularly in-depth interview with yours truly on page 10, along with a 9000 word story of mine on page 14 called “Theonae” which deals with the surprising repercussions of Christ coming back as a woman…. or something like that anyway, the usual kick-in-the-teeth for the reader followed by a long bloody kiss, to paraphrase my own closing comments in the interview. Midnight Street’s editor is the wonderful Trevor Denyer, who will be taking time off soon to work on his own writing, having done so much to promote everybody else’s over the last ten tears. Trevor’s first book, a collection of short stories was excellent (see my review here). I’m not sure who did the two illustrations for “Theonae” in the magazine, but I find them rather evocative so am also adding them to this post.

Postscript: I’ve just been informed that the artist for the portrait illustration for “Theonae” was A C Evans, and that Trevor Denyer himself did the landscape illustration… what talented chaps, we salute you, gentlemen!

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