“Apoidea” -a new novel nears release…

Well, it’s not every day that your fifth novel jumps the queue and becomes your third novel, but that’s what’s happened in the last week. The Exaggerated Press (brainchild of the dynamic Terry Grimwood) have unexpectedly accepted, and decided to rush to press: my novel “Apoidea”, which concerns the surprisingly likely possibilty of robotic bees being devised to take the place of the currently ailing organic variety. Needless to say, in my hands this plot becomes a metaphor for philosophical explorations of the dual nature of human consciousness, individual and hive.
The image adjacent is a preliminary draft of cover art work for the book, by Ecuadorian graphic artist Mauricio Estrella. Quite independently, Mauricio had been exploring robot bee ideas since last year, and I found him via the web, contacted him and then we agreed to team up.
The whole robot bee idea is extraordinarily visually arresting, and we hope that both Mauricio’s art and my words can benefit mutually from some kind of informal viral campaign in coming months. So tell your friends, email this link, and check out Mauricio Estrella’s website at:
The first advanced reader copies of Apoidea should be available at Fantasycon in Brighton on 30th September… very soon indeed.
We’ll leave you with the following back cover blurb for the book by way of a taster:

F A C T :
In October 2009, in response to the global deterioration in the health of bee hives, the American National Science Foundation awarded Harvard University ten million Dollars to research the creation of robotic bees. One third of all human food production relies on bees for crop pollination.

F I C T I O N :
In the near future, bees have died out through disease brought on by human over-exploitation and industrialised farming. Global famine and conflict threaten. But one US-based technology company (“Apoidroids” from the Latin classification Apoidea) have leapt to global prominence through their invention of a replacement: …silver android bees that they have sold to every country on earth to take over the pollinating role of their organic forebears. But when the tiny robots begin to acquire unexpected intelligence and independence, their wealthy inventor finds himself drawn into an extraordinary odyssey of discovery about himself, humanity and the world he thought he’d conquered. In his search for truth he will lose everything but regain his soul…

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