The Child Bride’s Zoo

Issue 8 of Polluto Magazine, the anti-pop counter-cultural journal, has just been released, with one of my stories in it (I like that in a magazine!), called The Child Bride’s Zoo. The theme for the issue is “In Space No One Can Hear You Dream”, and my text concerns a lonely girl kept in an alien zoo on a distant world, struggling to make sense of her warped reality. This story was written to fit around a sequence of drawings that my brother Ally Thompson did last year. The magazine didn’t have space for Ally’s drawings, sadly, but here are 3 (out of 14) of them in white-on-black. They were only preliminary sketches, and Ally hopes to finish them as proper drawings some time, at which point they might feature in an exhibition with my text alongside.
Just to give you a flavour of how basically bananas this story is, we’ll end on a little quote from it:

“Don’t despair, beloved Child Bride. Remember your name and your destiny. You alone of your race have been chosen to marry the stars. Be joyful and all of creation will open towards you like Spring flowers. Your simulacrum is fully interactive and air-conditioned, two for the price of three, outlawed in fourteen states, hypo-allergenic, non-biological, and guaranteed to prevent tooth decay by ten out of nine dog owners. Smile and the sun will reciprocate exponentially. Trust me, I’m a rabbi…”

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