Genres…. who need ’em?

An extract of Trevor Denyer’s review of “Sylvow” (in the latest edition of Midnight Street Magazine: No.15) can be found over at the Eibonvale Press blog:

Trevor seemed to love the book, but was a little disappointed with the ending….. but perhaps we can dissuade him of that viewpoint when the sequel “Volwys” sees the light of day…. worshipping a boy raised by wolves is not really a recipe for living happily ever after, after all.

An extract of Reggie Oliver’s review of “Sylvow” can now also be read at Eibonvale:

Reggie enjoyed the book but seemed to find some its surrealist excesses a little too rich for his taste. He also pondered its relationship to publishing genres as follows:

“There ought to be a term to denote a novel which presents us with an alternate world, similar but not identical to ours, that is neither sword and sorcery nor some form of space fiction. “Metareality” is the best term I can come up with, even though its sounds rather pretentious. It is into this interesting category that the novel Sylvow by Douglas Thompson falls.”

Sincere thanks to Reggie for coining this new term for me. Personally I would like to see all genre categories and distinctions destroyed, as artificial constructs created by sales executives to underestimate human intelligence and perpetuate mediocrity.

What Genre is your f**king life, anyone? Horror (weekly shopping run), Supernatural (the weather in Glasgow), Science Fiction (the evening news), Erotic Romance (ahem… occasionally with my consenting adult)?

Perhaps there should only be two genres: good and bad books, and we each have to make our own minds up on which are which. Just a thought.

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