The Flowers Of Uncertainty

Black Static Magazine Issue 22 carries a double-whammy of good news this month, an excellent review (by Pete Tennant) of Sylvow (extract posted over at the Eibonvale Press blog), but also, to my pleasant surprise, a rave review of “The Flowers Of Uncertainty”, my novella-length contribution to the Blind Swimmer Anthology from Eibonvale Press. I’ve grown rather weary over the last six months of various reviewers kicking this story for its structure of nested false narratives like Russian dolls, but finally perhaps someone has seen the humour and just allowed themselves to enjoy the story for what it is, a mini-collection of variations on a quite interesting theme. Pete writes:

“…This brings us to Douglas Thompson’s epic ‘The Flowers of Uncertainty’, the story I consider to be the best thing in this anthology. An acclaimed and hugely successful writer decides that he will live in isolation so future work won’t be tainted by worldly influences, emerging after twenty years to discover how the world will have changed and what effect his work will have had on it, only nothing is quite what it seems (several times, in fact). Everything here works and works splendidly well, with futuristic glimpses and sexual tension, an interesting approach to creativity, and Thompson even manages to give an explanation for the story’s padding, rounding it all off with a meta-fictional flourish. You laugh, you cry, you punch the air in triumph and give the writer a standing ovation for his audacity and chutzpah in bringing off something like this…”

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