A triple shot of reviews with the morning coffee…

Well, details are as yet sketchy, but I am reliably told that Sylvow has been reviewed by David V Barrett in the latest issue of The Fortean Times:

“…Thompson’s descriptions of the raw power of nature are outstanding.”

Also, Ian Sales writing in the current issue of Interzone (No.233) says of Sylvow:

“…When read as a novel of disconnect, of humanity’s failed attempts to understand, or come to an accommodation with, Nature and her needs, Sylvow works very well indeed. Many of the passages set in the forest showcase some lovely writing …Sylvow is an intriguing blend of genres. With this novel, and his debut Ultrameta, Thompson has certainly shown he is a name to watch.”

Finally, Tony Williams, who seems to able to get his reviews everywhere on the web (a bit like what the Irish Times once misprinted about well-connected prime minister Charles Haughey: “like a huge octopus, his testicles reach all over Ireland”, but I digress), writes:

“…very different from a conventional story. Like all of Thompson’s writing, this has a surreal, dreamlike quality, like a fairytale of the original Grimm sort, dark and mysterious and sometimes horrific. There is a haunting quality to his prose, but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely detached from reality as there are some penetrating observations about life and relationships scattered through it; for instance, Franco’s ruthless analysis of his own infidelity and the state of mind which led inexorably to disaster in his personal life.

This book won’t appeal to everyone. In fact, if I had only read this description it wouldn’t have appealed to me, since it isn’t the kind of book I normally read. However, the quality of the writing and the strangeness of the story compelled me to read it all the way through.”

As ever, sincere thanks to all the individuals involved, for reading the book, and taking the time to share their views on it with others.

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