First we take Glasgow, then we take London…

Well, a million thanks to everyone who turned out (a rather large number) for the Ambit 200 celebrations at the CCA last Thursday. The poetry readings from Helena Nelson, Jim Burns and Tony Dash were stunning. And those of you who stayed for the second half heard some more of their very finest work along with Martin Bax’s superb short story “The Turned-in, Broken-up and Gone World”. It was an honour for me to meet these people, and see the personalities behind the work.

Those of you who enjoyed my readings from Sylvow, may be interested to read the Times Literary Supplement review of “The Forest Of Veils” from Sylvow, online at the recently re-vamped Ambit website. In it, Gerry Mangan says:

“The Forest Of Veils” is a hauntingly oneiric chapter from Sylvow, a forthcoming novel by Douglas Thompson sampled in two previous issues, where three ill-assorted city dwellers trek through an unidentified virgin forest in search of a deranged lost brother. The light they find at the heart of darkness (“Nobody rules the earth, Anton, the earth rules us”) is a good deal less portentous than Johnathan Lethem in “The Billboard Men”, a glibly morose vision of a gridlocked US dystopia, which proves that the best contributions are not necessarily from the best-known contributors…”

Also at the Ambit event, was the extraordinarily talented Shetland-based artist Ron Sandford, who drew portraits of myself and Helena Nelson the next day, for use in future issues of Ambit.

One final snippet of news is that the London reading event/launch for Sylvow is going to be Wednesday 9th March, 7pm at the Betsey Trotwood pub, to be confirmed shortly…

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