I notice I began this blog a while back by saying how I was going to try and avoid boasting. Oh deary me, I guess I hadn’t fully grasped that such was what blogs are for. Nonetheless, in the interests of surrealism let’s try taking a different tack: I see that Tangent Online have very kindly accused my story “Gravity Wave” of being the best story in the illustrious “Catastrophia” anthology compiled by Allen Ashley for PS Publishing. I disagree. How could it be better than the excellent stories by the likes of Adam Roberts and Brian Aldiss? For my money, the very best stories in the superb collection are “Scalped” by Jet McDonald and “Something For Nothing” by Joe Essid. “Pixels On A Screen” by Patrick Shuler is also a terrificly apt piece of contemporary satire. But really, all the stories are exceptionally good, and the book as a whole makes for a fascinating insight into the whole spectrum of fears and end-of-the-world paranoias that are lurking in the corners of the world’s mind right now.

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