Two Reviews, a Recommendation, and Fantasycon…

Well, always one to be wilfully different, I must be the only dude who went to Fantasycon in Nottingham in September and hasn’t blogged yet about how fantastic it was, and shown off my photos. No photos, sorry, but it certainly was fun to meet old friends and new ones. While I steadily work my way through the books I bought, and review them on Goodreads etc, I see that other people are occasionally mentioning me, or much more importantly: my books.

The Finland-based reviewer, Sami Airola, has won the non-existent prize for being the very first person to post a review of Sylvow. He seems to love it. Phew! Hell, this man even wants to buy the sequel…

Meanwhile, the very talented and jolly decent Steve Redwood has described Ultrameta in rather glowing terms, at the end of an interview over at the Next Read website:

Last but by no means least, John Greenwood has reviewed the Eibonvale “Blind Swimmer” anthology over at Theaker’s Quarterly. He’s fairly critical of a lot of the stories, but has obviously studied them at some length, for which he deserves credit. He found my story “The Flowers Of Uncertainty” to be an “entertaining ride” but wishes I’d explored some other issues.

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